My two favorite things about gift knitting:

1. Sometimes the recipient actually use the gift. This is great because you get to look at it all the time and admire your handiwork and see how nice and warm the recipient is as a result of your talent and generosity and ~love~.

2. And sometimes (now this is really good) you get to be the recipient.

I have two pictures to share today.  The first is of an irish hiking scarf and habitat, knit in matching cascade 220 as expressions of my affection christmas gifts (the scarf in 2007, the hat in 2008).  

The second is a gorgeous, scrumptious, malabrigo-soft, practical and all around wonderful scarf-like object that arrived in the mail from Touchyphiliac last week.  Please note the sexy gray button securing it around my neck.  Also note my complete and utter joy at having received such a gift.


Cables for everyone!


Despite my general response to requests for knitted items (“Sorry,I don’t love you that much”) I do, on occasion, enjoy gift knitting. Back in 2006  my friend, fellow rugger, jello wrestling instigator, and all around  kick-ass human being Hurricane Abbey departed from the bay area to go tromping around in the Maine woods as a camp counselor. Since it was the middle of winter and Maine is rumored to be cold, I knit her a pair of modified broadstreet mittens.  

Hurricane Abbey has since blown back into California, and now does her tromping in the wilderness of Southern California.  She came up for a visit in December though, and as we bundled up to brave the stormy SF weather she pulled a familiar pair of gloves from her bag with gaping holes where the thumbs should have been.   I informed her that this was unacceptable, and that I would be repossessing the gloves until such a time when they became suitable to wear.  Total repairs included two reknit thumbs, one reknit finger, and four washings (it takes a lot of soapy water to get out two years worth of campfire smoke).

My first finished project of the new year is not a new project, but here they are, good as new.