I had big plans to finish leftovers this weekend.  All I’ve got left to do is knit the armhole ribbing and weave in a few ends.  That should take two hours tops.  Probably less.Instead I’m looking at three to six weeks.

I consider myself pretty lucky that in six years of playing rugby this (a fractured ulna) is my first major injury, but lucky or not, it still sucks.  I am supposed to be invincible.


Blue wrap skirt


Sewing skills I have learned this week:
-drafting a pattern from an existing item of clothing
-making pockets
-using the blindstitch function on my mother’s machine

I kind of want to make twenty thousand more of these.  A friend of mine uses the phrase “the best thing since pockets in pants” because – don’t laugh, as I am being completely serious here – carrying a purse is so much more of a hardship than slicing your own bread.  I love this expression, but it neglects to include the absolute joy and wonder of pockets in skirts.  I think I’m going to shorten it.  The best thing since pockets.  Period.

Champagne Classic was this past weekend.  We only won two out of our six games, but it was, as usual, loads of fun.  It was also an opportunity for me to be ridiculously productive. 

I cast on for Leftovers in the airport friday afternoon.  Between sitting around at the airport and sitting around at the pitch between games, by the time I landed back in SFO Sunday evening I had knit ten inches of sweater vest.  

I am loving the massive ribbing at the bottom and how quickly this is progressing.

The theme for the social saturday night was “party animals”.  Because I think team costumes are always more fun than individual costumes, I threw together some construction paper penguin beaks (which got turned into visors, as wearing them on the nose interfered with grain-based beverage drinking) and organized spray-paint stenciling for friday night in the hotel parking lot.  

I’m convinced that as far as last minute inexpensive costumes go, this was near genius, but I might be a little biased.  😉