June update


I have three projects to report on today:


Firstly, I finished the  Stripes and Torchon Lace shawl.  I started this an entire year ago so that I would have something portable to knit on the plane ride when I visited Rory last summer.  It is huge (39″x87″) and difficult to photograph.

The second image is true to color.


Secondly, I started yet another pair of socks.   These are made being done up in malabrigo yarn sock in “terracotta” in mistake rib from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

I’m reinforcing the heels and toes with Woolly Nylon.  I was able to find an exact match colorwise (can you tell where it starts and stops?  I can’t.), but the serger thread gets jumbled into a terrible knot in my messenger bag, turning these socks into a not very portable project.


Lastly, despite my failed attempts in college to overdye all my t-shirts black using RIT, I decided to give it another chance.   I had a lovely cotton skirt I had picked up from goodwill two years ago, but had never worn due to the off-white color, as well as two pairs of rugby shorts that  I picked up due to their low low price and long long inseam, but again, were impractical to wear because they were white.

I used one box of pearl gray to dye the skirt and one pair of shorts, and one box of fuschia on the second pair of shorts and a promotional t-shirt I was gifted.


I’m considering it a total success this time.  The skirt looks sort of beige in the photo, but in real life it is more of a pewter or silver color.