Paper wallets


There are a ton of youtube video tutorials on making these, none of which I have the patience to watch.  Here are my instructions for making a paper and packing tape wallet:

1.  Gather your materials:  magazine pages or other paper of your choice, clear packing tape, scissors, pencil, and a ruler.

2.  Cut your paper to the desired size, using an existing wallet as a guideline, or a dollar bill and credit card.  If you are using money as your template, remember to make your pieces slightly larger than your dollar bill/credit cards.

3.  Cover your paper pieces in packing tape, then tape them all together.

My previous wallet, made out of pictures of produce from Martha Stewart Living has lived a long and fruitful life*.  It is time to move on though.


The new one, made in about half an hour this afternoon, is made from a map of Papua New Guinea:


Not as tasty or colorful, but still pretty cool.

*I carry my wallet in a pants pocket rather than a purse, and it lasted about a year and a half.  This is similar to the lifespan of most commercial wallets I have bought.