Coffeeneuring log #1: October 3, 2015


For my inaugural coffeeneuring ride, I took a roundabout route to Chatime Redwood City where I drank a taro milk tea with pearl boba. This is a very bike-friendly location, as it is a kiosk in the courtyard square, you order at a window, and all seating is outdoors.

FullSizeRender (7)

Total ride was 19 miles, including a jaunt up the newly reconfigured Farm Hill Boulevard to spite my neighbors. There is a pilot program going on right now in which a previously four lane road (two lanes in each direction) has been repainted into a three lane road (one lane in each direction, plus a center turn lane, plus bike lanes on each side). There have been some very strong opinions expressed on my local social media site NextDoor about this pilot, so I decided to ride up it as one of the complaints is that the city has no business adding bike lanes to a corridor that does not have heavy bike traffic. As I was riding uphill into the wind with eucalyptus bark and leaves blowing in my face, I was reminded that “to spite my neighbors” is a foolish reason to do anything.

I also went up Cañada road and down Edgewood. The top of Edgewood is my favorite place in Redwood City. If you’re driving up 280 and take the Edgewood Road exit and turn left, you go under an overpass as you come out the sky opens up into a majestic view of the San Francisco Watershed.  It was hazy today, so the effect wasn’t as dramatic, but I took a photo anyway.

Edgewood Road


3 Responses to “Coffeeneuring log #1: October 3, 2015”

  1. trailbunny said

    how was the car traffic? and did creating the bike lanes allow you to access an area that was previously inaccessible by bike or bike-lane-less? woohoo ChaTime! 😀

    • lucymonster said

      The only other time I’ve rode on Farm Hill was also during non-peak hours, so I don’t have enough data to evaluate the effectiveness of the road diet. I do like bike lanes, although my understanding is that the bike lanes were a side effect of the road diet and not the point (changing the lanes allowed extra room, so they added them because they could, instead of changing the lanes in order to add them).

      The point of a pilot is to gather information, so my main objection to the anti-road diet folks is that they are outraged that their commute has increased by five or ten minutes and want it immediately reversed without waiting to see if traffic patterns or behavior will change as people get used to the adjustment.

  2. capejohn said

    The effect is very dramatic when I enlarge the photo. The valley looks spectacular.

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