Coffeeneuring log #2 – October 9, 2015


I had company for coffeeneuring outing #2!  I used birthday privileges to get my girlfriend to rent a bike and come riding with me. I think she still prefers spin class to the road, so I did not succeed in converting her, but it was a successful ride in that there were no flats, no falls, and no one suggested quitting and taking Uber home.


We took a standard scenic route through Woodside, Portola Valley, and Palo Alto to get to Teaspoon in Los Altos, where I ordered the “Taro Lover” with honey boba, and she had lychee black tea with lychee jelly.


The drinks were delicious, but there was obnoxious music being pumped loudly onto the patio, so I would not recommend it as a relaxing spot.  No bike racks, but you potentially lock a bike to the metal fences around the seating area.


I slightly overestimated how many miles I could get cheerful company out of, so we adjusted the planned route and took a straight shot home instead of continuing to meander. 24 miles total, and I got to stop at the pedestrian/bike bridge between Los Altos and Palo Alto for a “bridges on bridges” photo op.


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