Coffeeneuring log 3.5: Coffeeneuring failure


The plan for this weekend was to buckle down and do homework, and double up on another weekend to get my coffeeneuring rides in.  Having spent much of Sunday baking bread and watching Netflix, though, I rationalized that a quick bike ride wouldn’t impact my productivity much, and set out at 5PM for Donut King.


My Theme-Within-A-Theme is bubble tea.  I lead a sad, unfortunate, coffee-deprived life because caffeine makes me anxious.  Even decaf coffee makes me anxious.  So, bubbleteaneuring it is.  Or bobaneuring.  Or maybe pearlmilkteaneuring? So many words for the same drink.

Yelp told me that my local donut shop served bubble tea.  The big menu with many many choices of bubble tea furthered that assumption.  But when I went to order, the worker told me he was out of tapioca.  So I tried to order milk tea without the tapioca balls.  He told me he couldn’t make that either.  He offered me a smoothie, but I declined and bought a maple old fashioned and no drink.


Here’s a photo of me sitting at the outside tables with my donut, and also with my U-lock, which is not being used as there was no bike parking in the shopping center.

Round trip distance: 4.3 miles

Coffeeneuring type drinks consumed: 0


3 Responses to “Coffeeneuring log 3.5: Coffeeneuring failure”

  1. MG said

    Bummer that you could not get the drink you wanted. Someone mentioned a couple of years ago that experiences like this are all part of the exploring aspect of coffeeneuring. Some results of exploring are better than others. Hopefully the next stop is better!

  2. MG said

    Also, your visit still counts toward your coffeeneuring total. It’s not your fault the place you visited did not have your drink.

  3. lucymonster said

    Good to know!

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