Coffeeneuring log #4: Vacation boba shop without walls 10/19/15


FullSizeRender (8)

I actually forgot that I had put in a vacation request for today and showed up to work this morning.  What a glorious surprise when I got to leave immediately!

After yesterday’s bubble tea failure, I decided it was time to cook up the tapioca balls that I impulse bought last year and have been languishing in my pantry ever since.  I prepared myself a bottle of ginger turmeric pearl milk tea, then set off for Sharon Hills Park in Menlo Park.

Here are the tapioca balls and frozen grated ginger and turmeric (I clean and run through the food processor about a lb of each at a time, mix them up and freeze on a cookie sheet, and then break into chunks for storage.  Usually I just throw a chunk in a thermos with boiling water and black pepper, but for this excursion I cooked the tapioca, and brewed the tea and let it cool, and then added honey, milk, and ice.)


And here’s the tea safely tucked into my water bottle cage:


4.5 mile ride. There’s a short and steep hill to get up to the top of the park, but the view is totally worth it.


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