Coffeeneuring log #5 October 24, 2015


I added today’s coffeeneuring stop into my commute, as I had to work.  The silver lining to working weekends is that traffic is less terrifying, and I can cut over to the bay trail at the Whipple freeway entrance, whereas on weekdays it’s easier to take streets up to the Ralston Bike Bridge and avoid dealing with traffic entering and exiting 101.


Also, there is bird watching on this route.

imageWhat’s that you say?  You thought California was in a catastrophic drought?  Well, yes, but this lovely body of water is part of the tidal marshes of Bair Island which are connected to the San Francisco Bay.

On my ride home this evening I stopped at the bridge-to-nowhere over Redwood Creek for another bridges-on-bridges photo op, then headed into downtown Redwood City to fulfill the beverage portion of the ride at Comebuy Drinks.


I ordered milk with taro and boba.  I am officially sick of both taro and milk, and am going to have to find a different order for the remaining two coffeeneuring rides. This is by far the most milk I have drank in a month since I became old enough to make autonomous food choices.

image image image

I wanted to take a photo of myself next to the seven foot beverage outside Comebuy, but I am shy about talking selfies in public and I used up all my courage by locking my bike up across the street in front of a gym and letting it out of my sight for five minutes while I ordered and waited for my drink. By the time I worked up the nerve the sun would have gone down.

This is literally the first time I have locked my bike up since I bought it nine months ago.  When I ride to work I take it inside the building, the rest of the time it lives in my apartment, and I don’t normally stop for coffee when I go joy-riding. Granted, I’ve left it unattended in the transition area for a few triathlons, but that feels less risky as there are much more expensive bikes than mine should someone want to steal one. Still, she’s the first bike I’ve ever bought for myself (I rode a hand-me-down from my mother in college,) I spent what was, at the time, two months rent on her, and I am very very nervous.  We have bonded!  She told me her name!  I even painted it on the chain stay with nail polish!FullSizeRender (9)

We both survived the separation.  Hopefully next time will be easier.

Total miles: 17


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