Coffeeneuring log #6 – 11/07/15 Super Amazing Deliciousness Edition


I rode to Bambu in San Mateo this morning for a Che Trai Cay. I realize I am playing fast and loose with what qualifies as a coffeeneuring type beverage, but this shop sells coffee and bubble tea, and although I ordered neither, my drink/dessert did contain both liquid and tapioca, so I’m going to count it.  Also, it may well qualify as the most delicious thing I’ve ever had through a straw.  AS GOOD AS A MILKSHAKE.

FullSizeRender (13)

FullSizeRender (15)

Yelp told me that this location had bike parking, and although it is true that there are bike racks to be found in downtown San Mateo, there wasn’t one anywhere to be seen within a block of the cafe in either direction, so I brought my bike in to order and rode to San Mateo Central Park to indulge in the glory of my drink. I forgot to take a photo until after I had sucked up all the coconut milk/shaved ice, but above you can see lychee, pandan jelly, red tapioca, jackfruit and longan. Next time I will grab a spoon as well as a straw.

There was construction around Bay Meadows, so I had to adjust my planned route, and ran into this cute tiny play area/park. Here I am gloating about how it is still sunny and warm in California in November.

FullSizeRender (12)

I was surprised at how nice a ride it turned out to be.  I took Old County Road for most of the trip, and although it’s a urban route and therefore not as gorgeous as, say, the Bay Trail, it’s flat, there’s lots of distance between lights, and drivers were courteous in the sections that didn’t have a dedicated bike lane.



One Response to “Coffeeneuring log #6 – 11/07/15 Super Amazing Deliciousness Edition”

  1. trailbunny said

    I appreciate that you also share the conditions for the bike route along with descriptions of the drink! 🙂

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