Coffeeneuring log #7 11/11/15 and Wrap up.


For my final qualifying coffeeneuring ride of 2015 I went to VAM Asian Fusion in Palo Alto. I had made plans to meet a friend who works on the Stanford campus there for lunch, but she stayed home sick today so I waited until later in the afternoon and went by myself.  I had a papaya milk tea with boba and vegetarian tacos, which were both exciting in theory and underwhelming in execution.  On the positive side, the bubble tea cost about half as much as it does everywhere else in silicon valley.


No bike racks to be found, but the staff invited me to bring my my bike inside and were very friendly.  There was something called a “Smorerito” on the menu, which was listed as having marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon graham crackers, nutella, and rice krispies wrapped up in a flour tortilla.  I resisted until the teenagers at the table next to me ordered one, at which point I decided that a $10 dessert burrito was actually a very good idea.  Sadly, it too could use some work, as the marshmallows were not at all melted.



16 miles total, including an unnecessary detour through Stanford due to poor navigational skills.


Here I am on the Bol Park Bike Path.  The weather turned this week and it is actually starting to feel like fall.

In celebration of finishing my seven rides, I put together a map of my routes using  While this is less specific than showing the maps uploaded straight from my garmin, I do understand that someone could, if they wanted to, figure out my home address from these shapes.  This is less of a privacy issue for me now that my home address is very easily discoverable via google, so I’m posting it anyway.

Coffeeneuring maps


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